Sample History Essay Paper on Culture


America experienced the rise of activist’s movements in the 1960s.These movements had common issues that they addressed such as the equal representation of all races in leadership, full acquisition of American citizenship and equality access to education and business without considering race. The activists also had issues with the established culture that made them come up with Counterculture movement. Members of the Counterculture movement comprised of university students and the youths who operated under the slogan “Hippies”. Due to the big influence that the Hippies had on the American society, a new culture emerged which was referred as Hippies culture. The Hippies was a term that described the individuals who had deviated from society morals, norms, and values, such as religion, race, and sex, value of life, nudity, hairstyle, and marriage. The hippies used print media and music to pass messages about their take on culture. The Hippies culture led to the emergence of new vices that were witnessed in America, such as drug abuse, rape, suicide, and murder.

            The activists generally succeeded in attaining their demands although experiencing failure on some occasions. The activists’ actions such as holding crusades, singing, writing documentaries about the Hippies operations and mockery to the establishment of faithful; aimed at liberating minorities and making those who were silent to stand for their rights. Because of these actions, the activists were able to offer opposition on key issues occurring outside America. The activists’ actions were successful in the sense that they eventually changed the American culture that had a big influence in other areas outside America. The hippies had powers in the society, which made people fear to criticize their actions. It is from these powers that the Hippies were able to change the already established culture in the American society. Those who tried to question Counterculture operations were threatened and kept silent. Besides, the Hippies turned out to be the most superior group in the society; a group of individuals who had a big influence on the political arena and the social life of the society. The influences of Hippie’s culture are still felt in the present day America.