Sample History Essay Paper on Asian-American Movement


Asian Americans during the 20th century were inspired to social actions by demonstrators such as Martin Luther. One of the renowned artists in the civil rights era was Nancy Hom, and mostly art tackled issues of their culture and ethnicity. Some of them used the art to spread the love for their heritage. The Asian American movement came about at the late 1960s when the Asian American students reflected on discrimination and racism in America. The struggles and operations faced by Asian American were applied in their art to identify amongst themselves since the Asian community connection was limited due to their great diversity. Other themes exhibited by their arts in the civil rights era were centered on imperialism where the Asian Americans were exploited by wealthy businesses followed by the unfair immigration laws and general economic discrimination.


In Asian-American Movement by Cadge-Moore, just like the Chicano movement art, the Asian American was also aligned with anti-war movement. This is depicted where the Chicano activists unite in Los Angeles-the moratorium, and so did the Asian Americans joining in San Francisco State College. The Asian American strike was to make the administrators create an ethnic studies department where students of color would learn the history of their people. Both artistic movements had solidarity and support for collective action on the path of movements’ followers. The Chicano movement and the Asian movement fought against discrimination in their artwork. The biases were rampant on job allocations and in the education sector. Both movements praised their heroes on their artwork as this would raise the spirit of activism.