Sample History Essay Paper on Analysis of the Story of Buddha

Spiritual Hero

A spiritual hero is a leader who unlocks not only his/her potential but also the potential of everyone else. He/she can tap into the consciousness that exists within the world to facilitate overall goodness. A spiritual hero has the call to remedy all problems that face humanity currently, whether it is social injustice, conflict, war, degradation of the environment, or chronic poverty. He/she rectifies these issues not at the level they were developed but from a deeper level where light is needed to illuminate the darkness that lies within.

What makes Buddha a Spiritual Hero

The Buddha is a spiritual hero since he saw all the suffering that human beings across the world were facing, instead of his. Consequently, he began the journey to find enlightenment and get insights about suffering and pain. To that extent, Buddha is a real spiritual hero due to the positive and large impact he left on earth. He was respectful and compassionate to everybody. Further, he endured to realize success in what he believed in irrespective of the barriers. From being a royal prince to an inspiring and wise Monk, the Buddha is definitely a hero due to all he performed. He unselfishly abandoned his royal life and took on a life of hardship as a monk to discover the truth about suffering. The Buddha cared for everyone around him. He addressed everyone with the same respect and had a lasting impact on people’s life. Indeed, a spiritual hero is one who gives and does not expect anything in return; this is exactly what the Buddha did, and this makes him a real spiritual hero.