Sample History Essay on Why There are no More Mass Movements Against Globalization

Why There are no More Mass Movements Against Globalization

Globalization as a financial concept affects all the countries in the world. The phenomenon of globalization extends to incorporate business, technology and science fields in different ways. The actual definition of globalization is the enablement of international financial operations due to enhanced harmony, ease of communication and unity. The objective of globalization was initially to bring together ideas from experts from all over the world.

Despite positive perceptions from globalization, there have been some anti-globalization movements. However, these are no longer active due to various reasons. Organizations such as the anti-globalization movement which opposed the concept of globalization did so based on arguments for freedom. According to the opponents of globalization, the international decisions made by global organizations and multinational financial institution resulted in reduced decision making capacity among the local organizations. This is the key concept underlying the refusal to embrace globalization among the anti-globalization groups (Held & McGrew, 2007).

Due to the constant opposition from many countries in the world, the anti-globalization movements stopped operation. However, this is not the only reason why they stopped as I believe that there are many other reasons for their weakening. Because of these reasons, the anti-globalization groups no longer work in the contemporary times. Among the reasons I purport contributed to their stopping is the lack of facts to support their arguments.

The arguments were not accepted by the international business community. Moreover, the criticisms against globalization were not viable for out ruling the concept of globalization. In addition to this, the groups against globalization did not operate in an organized manner due to lack of support from several countries. It is because of this that their effect deteriorated to the ultimate disappearance (Held & McGrew, 2007).


Held, D., & McGrew, A. G. (2007). Globalization/anti-globalization: Beyond the great divide. Cambridge: Polity.

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