Sample History Essay Summary on War as a Foreign Policy Instrument

War as a Foreign Policy Instrument

The history of the world has been shaped greatly through various wars. From the First World War through to the Cold War, consequences created are still prevalent in the global political and economic arena today.   In the contemporary times, wars are still used by nations as a viable tool for foreign policy implementations. However, there is a possibility of outlawing was as a foreign policy tool since evidence on the use of war shows that it no longer works in achieving the desired effects. Countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq have had interventionist strategies organized by the US as tools for achieving foreign policy implementation. The particular objectives of these interventionist strategies are to maintain economic and political stability in the countries of application. These objectives have however failed to be achieved leading to the death of citizens and destruction of infrastructure.

The United States constitution gives power to the nation’s congress to declare war. In the recent years however, developments at the White House reveal that the power to declare war has been transferred to the president. This only means that the country is fighting illegal was. The fact that these wars are unconstitutional can be seen as effective foundations for the use of war in foreign policy. The General Treaty was signed by the US as a renunciation of war and as an instrument of National Policy in 1928. The US agreed through the treaty that the country would not use war in the resolution of disputes. In recent surveys, there have been indications that the US citizens do not require military interventions in foreign policy. More than 72 percent of the citizens are in opposition to dictatorship. There are however various threats to the country’s security are present in the world. It is thus not prudent for the country to declare on any wars. There have to be appropriate solutions to existing problems which must be effective as well as legal.


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