Sample History Essay Summary on Sexuality Research and Organizational Behavior

Sexuality Research and Organizational Behavior

Despite the many discussions and deliberations that have been carried out about work place behavior, it is clear that the aspect of sexuality has been left out considerably. The objective of the paper is thus to explore the impacts of the aspect of sexuality in the work place environment. Sexuality is a major factor in determining social relations both within and without the workplace. It is thus critical for its impacts on work place behaviors to be considered deeply. The role of sexuality comes into play particularly with reference to gender differentiation in the work place. Through a research into existing literature, it has been established that sexuality in the work place is prevalent mainly through unequal job participation. This is whereby women tend to participate less in job related activities than men (Marshall, 1995). In addition to this, the spread of HIV and Aids in the recent past has led to even greater concern for studying the role of sexuality in workplace behaviors. Sexual harassment is considered a vice but still practiced in many organizations.

In this context, various definitions exist for sexual harassment. Although not explicitly defined in the work place ethics, there are descriptions that fit sexual harassment. However, law enforcers may be at a loss on the most probable ways to deal with sexual harassment as there is no clear cut between what constitutes the vice and what does not. In addition to this, sexual relations in the work place are in most cases viewed with a certain level of preservation, on the belief that those involved would be discrete. This is however difficult to achieve as sexual relations in the work place may result in the spillover of roles. Organizational managers in most cases find it difficult to deal with sexuality issues in the work place.

By carrying out research into sexuality in the work place, organizational managers can better understand some of the more incomprehensible organizational behaviors. For instance, it would be easier for organizational managers to make informed decisions based on organizational behaviors that are prevalent from the participation of sexuality. Being aware of the role of sexuality in work place behaviors can help organizational managers to avoid imminent failure through understanding some sexual behaviors in the work place. Despite the availability of frameworks that can guide the understanding of sexuality in the work place, it is still believed that work place sexuality results from decision making based on a predominantly male perspective. This implies that there is the will to include women in decision making, but this will is never acted upon. The differences in sexuality have an effect upon individual competencies and should thus form the basis for collecting information about work place behavior (Peta 1994).

Due to the lack of an integrative framework for the understanding of sexuality in the work place, the nature and implications of sexuality in the work place are not effectively understood. This subsequently hampers the improvement of work place relationships particularly between men and women. Additionally, the comprehension of sexuality can help managers to look into issues of work place discrimination and thus avoid the vice. Research also equips managers with capacity to understand the individual differences that exist between people. It is thus recommended that sexuality research should be carried out to free the work place of prejudice on racial basis, other forms of discrimination and verbal abuse among other forms of discrimination (Pumsuwan, 2007).




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