Sample History Essay Summary on Role of Capitalism in History According to Karl Marx

Role of Capitalism in History According to Karl Marx

Karl Marx explains that socialism is characterized by the ability to explain the eminent social relations candidly. Marx asserts that capitalism assumes a key role in the historical construction since it gives the realities intertwined in class struggles. Such realities include conflict, social injustice and alienation. The history of social injustice as well as societal conflict can both be explained through capitalism (Marx and Engels 112). This point can be drawn to explain the role played by capitalism in the exploitation of the underclass since the activities of the proletariat sustained the affluence of the bourgeoisie. The effects of the exploitation of the underclass include a towering resentment by the same underclass. The work performed by the proletariat often bore great benefit to the capitalist. For instance, products manufactured were sold at greater value and the capitalists earned more than the workers.

According to Marx, the presenting injustices and social conflicts have the potential o f impacting greatly on future societies. This is because they are bound to result in uprisings against the bourgeoisie, resulting in the decomposition of the capitalist and class system. This   would give rise to a classless system in which everything would be shared among all. To explain the role f capitalism in the exploitation of the masses, the example of imperialism in India is used.  In this example, the imperialism is referred to as a type of capitalism where the British obtained resources from the Indian masses, resulting in the growth of poverty among the Indians. Marx explains that the appropriation of India by the British resulted in the shattering of the Indian nation (Marx par. 3).



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