Sample History Essay Summary on Nation Building Projects in Latin America and US

Nation Building Projects in Latin America and US

Latin America comprises of countries such as Columbia, Haiti and others. A comparison of Nation Building Projects in Latin America and US reveals many similarities as well as differences. In the social arena, the two countries are similar in that both have well distinguished culture and heritage platforms. The culture and heritage of the countries make them similar in that both countries have institutions tasked with fostering aspects of culture and heritage. In addition to this, the countries are also similar in the development of infrastructure. Infrastructural networks form the backbone of economic development in any country.

Both Latin America and the US have engaged in many infrastructural development agendas since the 19th century, leading to a realization of a strong network of roads, rail and air transport systems. Both countries also believe in social justice and stability in political regimes. Political stability enhances peace within the nation, which gives a positive environment for economic growth. The two countries have developed a social network supported by political good will and effective justice systems.

The aspect of good governance is also shared across the two countries. Both the US and Latin America recognize the potential of good governance in the achievement of national objectives. As such, the social system is also founded on the constitutional principles advanced by the countries. Well organized executive is also a belief of the two countries. In addition to the social systems, the two countries also have shared economic interests. For instance, both countries take up mining as a key economic activity. On the other hand, the key differences between the two countries include the social priorities and the mode of implementing their developmental activities.

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