Sample History Essay Summary on Hispanic Contribution to American Culture

Hispanic Contribution to American Culture

The Hispanics are said to have emerged as a result of fusion of many different tribes. Their contribution to the American culture can be said to be great, in terms of political as well as socio-economic factors. Hispanics have contributed to American political history through participation in the American Revolution during the emergence of the American republic. Furthermore, they also assisted in the political arena following the 1844 election and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe. The Hispanics fought to be considered as pure whites contrary to the feeling of the whites that they were more superior. During this period, the whites in America believed that they had the God given responsibility of being in charge of the country and treated other races as lesser beings. The Hispanics of Cuban and Mexican origins also participated in the war together with their women. This eventually led to their consideration in playing political roles.

Other problems arose during the industrial revolution. In this era, industries emerging in the Northern Mexican areas attracted many people towards employment. As such, the population of the Hispanics in Northern Mexico rose sharply. The whites then began considering them as the cause of social problems in the areas and began practicing discrimination. The Hispanic children were not allowed to go to the same schools that the white children were attending, leading to even more fights for freedom. The Hispanics had to fight through the ‘Yes we Can’ campaigns. In science, the Hispanic scientist Luis Alvarez played an essential role in explaining the disappearance of dinosaurs. It can thus be concluded that Hispanic influenced American culture greatly in terms of business, politics as well as the social aspects of culture.

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