Sample History Essay Summary on Harvest of Empire

Harvest of Empire

Juan Gonzalez, in ‘The Harvest of Empire’, made influential contributions on Hispanic matters in the United States. Gonzalez lived in New York City during his authorship of the article. The paper focuses on the comparisons and contrasts between the Columbian and the Central American Panamanian in relation to the foreign policy, rationalization and immigration. In the aspect of US foreign policy, key political and social events such as immigration led to the rise in Hispanic populations in areas such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. The key similarities in foreign policy adoption lie in the increase in immigrant numbers within the US. The foreign policies led to stabilization of Guatemala in Central America from the previous conditions of economic death. The foreign policy in the country promoted mass migration which led to economic and cultural transformation of the Latinos. The policy has played significant role in political and economic stability in the Caribbean and in Central America before and after the cold war.

A common characteristic of immigrants to the United States refers to the challenges faced in relation to immigration. The high rates of unemployment with which the Hispanics are associated and innovativeness in business are results of immigration. The immigrants are mainly composed of Columbians. The key difference between the Columbians and the Hispanics is that as the immigrant numbers grow, some of the Columbians opt to acquire US citizenship. The Panamanians were absorbed in white collar because of their great focus on education. They were composed of both whites and blacks. The Hispanics came at a time characterized by the decline of high wage union which made socioeconomic advancement difficult. Rationalization was based on the growth of the group leading to the involvement in political decision making and economic inclusion.


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