Sample History Essay Summary on First Crusade

First Crusade

The city of Jerusalem was taken over by Muslims in 1076 AD. This came as a blow to the Christians since this city was considered as the harbor of their religious lives. Islamic soldiers took control of the city and turned out to be very harsh to Christians. The situation could only be changed through war between the Christians and the Muslims which aimed at reclaiming all Christian cities that had been taken over by Muslims. The objective of reclaiming Jerusalem and other Christian cities led to the First Crusade. Several Christians volunteered due to various reasons. Some felt it was the right thing to do since the holy city had been taken over by the Muslims and this was therefore a holy war. This group of people was motivated by the desire to fight for their faith and for the restoration of glory to Christianity by restoration of most of the Christian cities.

A second group of Christians participated as a way of repentance. They believed that participating in a holy war was a way for cleansing one’s sins. The assurance of the pope was sufficient to motivate many Christians to engage in the war as a way of appeasing the creator. A final group of Christians engaged in the war as they targeted the treasures that could be found within the Holy Cities for which they were fighting. For some, this was the key motivation for joining the First crusade and they looted the city of Jerusalem, leaving with the treasures they found there. The first crusade led to the freedom of a couple of cities and gave Christians the freedom to visit the cities and to worship there.


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