Sample History Essay Summary on Computers vs. Autos

Computers Vs. Autos

Both computers and automobiles have changed the lives of Americans since their inventions. The computers have taken over most people’s lives basically, leading to the facilitation of other technologies. Automobiles on the other hand, have changed lives since the 20th century when they were invented. From the 1920s, most Americans could afford cars as the automobiles were seen as a sign of their affluence. Computers have changed ways in which several things are done in the contemporary world. Through access to variety of information, improved communication via the internet and access to educative materials, it can be concluded that computers have immensely changed human life.

The availability of computers and the use of the internet have improved the chances of E-Commerce. The government has also engaged in various E-governance practices due to the ease of access to the internet. The availability of internet enabled computers has in effect transformed the world into a knowledge based community (Macachor, 2004). In addition to this, various jobs have been created through the coming of opportunities for managers, technicians and other roles associated with the computer access and use. This means that the livelihood of all citizens has improved immensely. On the other, the use of computers can also be linked to slavery. Especially among the young people, computer usage is connected to slavery as most people spend most of their time before computers.

Negative impacts such as childhood obesity have been linked to increase in the amount of time spent before computers. Just like computers, the use of automobiles has also led to both positive and negative impacts (Falk, 2013). Because of the invention of cars, people began spending more time away from families and in businesses.



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