Sample History Essay Summary on Classical Humanism

Classical Humanism

Classical humanism focuses on creation of self worth through self- realization. The development of humanism was experienced first in Greece and Rome due to philosophy between 1400 and 1650. It had relative impact, particularly in the Renaissance period as it involved working through copying, editing and studying ancient Greek and Latin Manuscripts. One of the most celebrated monuments of Greece and Athens is the illustration of classical humanism in Athens Acropolis. The monument, a Parthenon temple on the Athenian acropolis was dedicated to the city’s patron deity. The monument is considered to be classical humanist since it was built when the Greek Empire was most powerful and emulates the architectural culture of the city of Athens at that time. The combination of architectural design, structural aspects and decorative masterpieces that constitutes the monument brings out the impression of uniqueness in the construction work. From being significant in the Greek culture, the monument endured to attain global significance among cultural monuments.

The Athenian Parthenon underwent extensive damage in 1687 after the attack of Venetian expeditions. The Parthenon was destroyed using a Venetian mortar round firing which blew up gun powder stored in the magazine. The structure was then partially destroyed especially the central portion of the building. Extensive reconstruction efforts were made beginning in 1975. Following the commissioning of a committee in 1983, the project attained financial as well as mechanical support from the E.U. The completion of the renovations came with the documentation of artifacts in the monument. Despite being unable to match the pre- destruction status of the monument, the continuing renovation endeavors to be of structural integrity. Some of the fragile structures considered to be significant were also relocated during the renovation process to Acropolis Museum.


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