Sample History Essay on Being a Multi-Season Brooklyn Dodgers Fan in 1947 and Cheering for Jackie Robinson

History: Being a Multi-Season Brooklyn Dodgers Fan in 1947 and Cheering for Jackie Robinson Robinson created history as the first black American to play in a major league until his entry into the Baseball Hall of fame in 1962. Despite the frequent discrimination that he experienced, Jackie was not deterred from exploring his talents and skills to greater height. He was the recipient of many insults through the years, with people claiming that it was unjustified of him to play in a major league. However, Jackie Robinson did not fail in his role, steering his team to win despite challenges experienced in the field. He became a rights activist, fighting for more blacks to be taken into major leagues in the US. On a personal opinion, I recognize the fact that humans are created differently, with differences in race, size skills, height and other aspects. This is to foster socio-economic growth through diversity. I would have therefore cheered Jackie Robinson as I recognize his passion and skill in playing baseball as well as his desire for appreciation and acknowledgement.

I would have cheered his magnificence and provided moral support to encourage him. Discriminating against him suppressed his efforts to fight against racial discrimination outside the baseball pitch and I believe it was only fair for his skills to be recognized and appreciated. In the game versus St. Louis Cardinals in 1954, I believe cheering Jackie Robinson could have prevented the Cardinals from threatening to strike as they believed that he was not fit to play against them due to his color (William, 2015). I believe cheering could have shown them that people should instead be accepted for their skill and appreciated for it rather than be treated with discrimination for their skin color.




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