Sample History Coursework Paper Summary on Women Magazines

Women Magazines

In contemporary times, the messages that have been sent to women through their magazines are solely those of women empowerment. The messages are meant to praise and motivate women about their capabilities. As such, the magazines produced in the 19th and 20th century for women, have been more focused on portraying the women as equal to men. Politically, socially and economically, women have been seen to rise in the current times. The magazines encourage women to continue rising in all aspects by portraying all the successful women in a positive light. In addition to this, the magazines also provide information that the upcoming women can use to overcome challenges, realize their goals and to meet deadlines (Panigraphy 109). The magazines appreciate women in all sectors of life through recognition of their efforts towards self improvement.

The magazines also stress on the importance of education in attaining self reliance. The importance of education in shaping the modern woman is also stressed upon by the women magazines. Many women have been inspired through the magazine articles to become successful as well as to inspire others to work towards success. The magazines also offer guidelines on achieving healthy life styles by women. Because of this, the women focus more on their health as they are advised on how to diet, exercise; attend medical checkups and other activities that help to maintain the best health. Women are also provided with sufficient information about their productive lives hence are more enabled to plan their families. Beauty is also a key feature of present day women magazines through the focus placed on maintaining looks through procedures such as plastic surgery (Moody 6).


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