Sample History Book Review On “The Rise and Fall of Penn Station”

Homework Question on “The Rise and Fall of Penn Station” 

  1. You will select 1video of at least 30 minutes or a series of videos that, combined, are at least 30 minutes from the American History in Video Collection, available through the Liberty Library.
  2. Video Review 1 must address some aspect of U.S. history between the end of the Civil War (1865) and the end of World War II (1945).
  3. Video Review 2 must address some aspect of U.S.history between the end of the World War II (1945) and the present.
  4. If you choose to view multiple videos, the videosmust focus on a similar topic. For example, youcould watch 2videos on Theodore RooseveltorApollo 11.In the review, you will properly cite the video(s) at the top and write a full, 1-page summary.
  5. You will then identify 3scholarly books using the Liberty University Online Library search engine and/or WorldCat (,3scholarly articles using JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, Academic OneFile, and/or Summon (found inLibertyLibrary’s databases), and 3reputable websites to create a bibliographyrelated to the topic of the video. For an overview on choosing topics, visit Liberty’s Information Research Modules.The use of current Turabian formatting is required.

Homework Answer on “The Rise and Fall of Penn Station” 

Video Summary

The video shows the development of  railway transport from the first world war to the second world war. New York city was greatly affected by both wars. The station was built before the year 1910 according to Alexander Street Presss hows, ” Penn Station.” [1]. It was officially opened in the year 1910 to the public. This was before the first world war took place. During the first world war, the structure was destroyed by the Germans in order to destruct the transportation activities by the people in America as outlined by Rorke[2].

The rebuilding of the station started in the year 1963 after the war ended. Broadbridge and Mather found out [3] the station was a master piece of American design and signified their culture. The projects displaced so many families who became squarters because it occupied more than eight acres of land  according to Buchholz [4].

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On the other hand, the station represented the American vision of development in the architectural sector early before the the first world war as stated by Hale[5]. The number of passangers reduced due to the increase of air transport that was fast and convenient[6]. Today, the station is still in use by the locals where they use it for the transportation of goods and services[7]. In addition, the video shows the flow of commuters in and out of the station. It is widely used by travelers who connect between New York and the surrounding regions according to Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission[8].