Sample History Article Review On Broadway Housing Communities

Homework Question on Broadway Housing Communities

  • Read the report about William Kitt and the Broadway Housing Communities
  •  Post your comments and discuss the human service model used by Broadway Housing Communities.
  • Consider the approach that appears to be a mix of support and service
  • -providing certain necessities for people, as well as a safe space that allows for personal growth.

Homework Answer on Broadway Housing Communities

The approach by the Broadway Housing Communities is unique and can be described as both a service and support to the needy in the society. As depicted, the charity organization aims at housing the needy and homeless in the society, providing vital amenities and resources at no charge. The organization has helped put a large number of people under shelter, ranging from people with disabilities to normal people. Broadway Housing Communities focuses on providing the homeless, a major group in the United States, with shelter and necessary amenities for survival.

As depicted in the case of William Kitt, Broadway Housing Communities aims at maximum sincerity and service to the community. Kitt had been homeless for a period exceeding 30 years, but was immediately offered housing by the organization, despite the fact that he is fully normal and able (Chen 1).

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In my opinion, Broadway Housing Communities is an organization aimed at a good cause, and its already completed tasks depict the effectiveness of the services provided. The organization has a significant support for talent, creativity, and innovation. Kitt, who is 65 years old, spends ample time drawing, a field in which is majorly talented. His works are phenomenal, and they depict a high level of professionalism and flawlessness.