Sample Healthcare Research Questions

Homework Question on Healthcare Research Questions

I need you to answer these questions that related to health care:

  1.  Discuss the rights and responsibilities of unions and management.
  2. Describe what sexual harassment is and what forms it can take.
  3. Describe under what conditions unemployment compensation can be denied to a claimant.
  4. Describe the rights and responsibilities of employees.
  5. Describe the meaning of defensive medicine.
  6. Describe how risk management, implementation of best practices, quality improvement, and peer review programs can be helpful in reducing the number of malpractice claims.

Homework Answer on Healthcare Research Questions

Question 1

One of the responsibilities of the union is to draft proposals and forward to the management team during negotiations. It is also the duty of the union to present the proposal and notice to be discussed to the company. On its part, the management is vested with the task of making decision over union’s complaints and responding to their needs by responding to notices within the set time frame.

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Question 2

Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome requests for sexual favors and other physical or verbal conduct of sexual nature. It may take various forms, for instance, seductive behavior, sexual bribery, gender harassment, and sexual imposition.