Sample Healthcare Paper on The Need for a Rehabilitation Center

An area of health that needs to be addressed
Proper healthcare is very essential, which is why all local and national governments
should prioritize providing the best healthcare services to its people. Our local government is yet
to establish a rehabilitation center that will assist in improving their health. People face different
challenges due to the struggles that we all experience at some point in life. Because of this, it is
important for someone to have a shoulder to cry on and to have a place where they can seek help.
The most affected group
There are different types of rehabilitation centers due to the various roles that they play.
Some of them offer post-hospital recovery, some help others in overcoming life challenges such
as stress and depression, while some help drug addicts. For the longest time now, the local
authorities have been fighting drugs by arresting drug users and those who sell them.
Unfortunately, most of the area youths have turned out to be drug addicts, this is why a
rehabilitation center is very necessary for the youths are the most affected ones.
Environmental concerns
The rehabilitation center will also assist greatly in dealing with environmental pollution.
Most of the drug abusers end up littering the environment with matchboxes, cigarette boxes,
lighters and alcohol bottles. They pollute the environment by carelessly disposing of their
wastes. Some alcoholics end up vomiting and urinating everywhere, thus causing a lot of flies
around the polluted areas. It is really a major call of concern and the rehab will help in curbing
this menace by reducing the rate of drug addiction.


Social concerns
The drug addiction problem has created a bad image for our area. Most people dislike
visiting the place. Parents have warned their kids from mingling with our kids, for they think our
kids will be a bad influence on theirs. Moreover, no one wants to associate with our youths, even
the leaders themselves. This is causing social strain among us, the residents.
Economic concerns
Drug addiction brings about unproductiveness for abusers to end up wasting their whole
day taking drugs and hallucinating. This has caused joblessness among the youths therefore, they
are not adding to the economy. The drug users also include youths from above age 35, people
who are supposed to be very active socially and economically. They do not pay taxes, for they
rarely contribute to the economy.



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