Sample Healthcare Paper On Quality Improvement Program

Homework Question on Evaluation of Quality Improvement Program

  • Part 1: Write a 2–3 page evaluation of the quality improvement program that you have created. This should be the annual summary of the hypothetical data. Make sure your hypothetical data are credible.
  • Part 2: As you may recall from Week 1, your Course Project was to prepare a total quality improvement program, with a focus on one high-risk area.(Healthcare) Evaluate your project using the criteria given below.
  1. Are the indicators and their measurements appropriate to the high-risk area? Do the indicators capture the risk?
  2. Are the fictional incidents realistic and plausible?
  3.  Is the filled chart consistent with the fictional incident?
  4.  Is the plan of correction feasible? Will it prevent the occurrence of the incident in future?
  5. How do you know the plan worked? What measures will you use to identify effectiveness?

        Homework Answer on Evaluation of Quality Improvement Program

The quality improvement program addresses the risks faced by patients in home care. It is evident from the program’s chart that the indicators and their measurements are appropriate to the high-risk area of home health care. For example, for the risk standard IC, the indicator is a 20% white blood cell count that showed a rise above the normal level. This is appropriate to the high-risk area of home health care because it is a health condition that needs to be addressed by home healthcare.

Measurements such the normal white blood cell count for adults is also appropriate to the high-risk area of home health care. The indicators highlighted in the quality improvement program chart such as white blood cell count, air quality index, safety evaluation form, and others capture specific risks that need to be addressed by the program.

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In the quality improvement program chart, various fictional incidents are outlined. One of the fictional incidents is that an elderly patient got a fever within a week after being transferred to a home care facility. Another fictional incident is that a patient got an allergy and had a constant cough, due to poor air quality. Arguably, these incidents are realistic and plausible because they are common experiences among patients under home health care.