Sample Healthcare Paper On Healthcare Policy

Homework Question on Healthcare Policy

  • Please use this textbook:
  • Managing Health Organizations for Quality and Performance (Required)L. Fleming Fallon, L. Fleming Fallon (Jr.), James W. Begun, William Joseph Riley Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2012-02
  • So, what have you learned new so far (chapters 1-3)?
  1. Identify a concept that you were never aware of or have had more clarity provided by enrolling in this course. The concept must come from chapters 1-3.
  2. Next, find a recent news story (published within the last year) that expounds on that new concept you learned. The news article must be healthcare related.
  3. From that point, identify why you selected the article explain how it relates to the new concept you learned. It would be good to even discuss how the critical players in the article could have better benefitted if they had a firmer understanding of the concept you selected.
  • All submissions must be a minimum of 200 words, and a link to the article being used must be provided for full credit to be given.

Homework Answer on Healthcare Policy

The term health policy is used to describe the actions, decisions, and plans that stakeholders take to achieve specific goals in health care. Several things can be achieved by a well laid out health policy (Fallon, Begun, & Riley, 2013. The policy includes the vision stakeholders have for the sector of health in the future and helps them set their points of reference and targets. Many issues have continued to affect health policy and debate still rages on, on who should have control of healthcare policy between state and federal governments.

Case Study

An article, which appeared on Dallas Morning News website on September 7, 2015, gives an example of healthcare policy issue. The lawmakers of Texas, which comprises of many doctors than any other USA state failed to expand on debate surrounding healthcare policy. They had not touched on the thorny issues in the healthcare issues, which include access to care, expansion of healthcare coverage’s among other things (Garrett, 2015).

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It was argued that many of the doctors from in the legislature were contented with their lives in the suburbs and bashes the plans of government of improving healthcare in the states so that they would retain their Republicans. The above case study shows a group of legislatures interfering with the policy making process. The government must show commitment, which should be copied by the people it represents.