Sample Healthcare Paper On Healthcare Advocacy Plan

Homework Question on Healthcare Advocacy Plan in Rural communities of Georgia

  • You will contact either a local healthcare agency (i.e., County Health Department, etc.) or healthcare facility (i.e., clinic, hospital, or nursing home) to research 2–3 healthcare issues affecting the local community.
  • In a memorandum to your local health department, present a healthcare advocacy plan that addresses your researched findings.
  • Explain the issues facing your community, possible methods to alleviate the concern, and how you would ethically advocate for the respective population.
  • You must include five reasons.
  • You are required to research the specific issues presented with credible sources (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health, Census Bureau, etc.).
  • In a 3-page paper, provide a summary of your findings, including at least 3 credible references to support your memorandum.( I live in Georgia).

Homework Answer on Healthcare Advocacy Plan in Rural communities of Georgia


The rural communities of Georgia have been experiencing numerous challenges both economic and Healthcare problems. The southern and eastern parts of Georgia has been ranked as the most affected especially in Jenkins, Stewart, Clinch,Taliaferro among others. Healthcare is a very critical issue in a community however this remains a great challenge in Georgia as the rural community’s ability to obtain the kind of care they desire is limited. This paper addresses some of the challenges faced by the rural communities in Georgia related to healthcare sector and probable ways to abate them (In Scardamalia, 2014).

It highlights issues such as Sexually transmitted diseases that are a threat to the current generation, homeless individuals and transportation of the elderly people to seek healthcare needs. It also delves into strategic plans to alleviate the issues as well as stating the reasons for advocating such measures in rural areas of Georgia.
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Homeless Individuals

There is need to fight homelessness in Georgia as the problem has been in existence for many decades. Women and children constitute the greatest percentage of homeless individuals and this has become overwhelming. This problem would be abated through provision of low-cost houses that are affordable to the poor individuals in the rural areas as well as provision of reasonable wages to the community. This in turn will enhance poverty alleviation which increases susceptibility to homelessness (Wagner & Caves, 2012).