Sample Healthcare Paper On Health Literacy

Homework Question on Management Action Plan To Improve Health Literacy

  • Please include documentation of all steps in your submission of the MAP assignment.
  1. I. Clarify the Problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)
  2. Clearly describe the problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) that you have selected for your MAP.
  3. Why is it important to resolve this problem right now?
  4. What are the consequences of not resolving this problem right now?
  5. II. Clarify your Measureable Goal Clearly describe the desired outcome from your MAP implementation. What are you trying to accomplish? will successful MAP implementation be measured and assessed?
  6. What realistic constraints do you have as you begin creation of your plan? Consider limits on time, money, and other resources that are specific to your MAP.
  7. III. Prepare a List of Possible Actions Consider possible root causes of the OFI. Why do you believe the problem exists? Brainstorm and present a list of all possible actions that you may need to take in order to achieve your MAP goal. At this stage, focus on generating as many different options and ideas as possible. It is likely that not all of your ideas will make it into you final MAP. Write down your ideas just as they come to your mind, trying not to judge or analyze them at this stage. In your brainstorming, be sure to consider ideas involving: – Leadership – Governance – Clinical performance – Physicians – Nurses – Clinical support services – Knowledge management – Human resources

Homework Answer on Management Action Plan To Improve Health Literacy

Health literacy is one of the major problems in the healthcare industry. Many people around the world, especially the adults lack the necessary skills to manage their health and that of their families. Lack of enough information concerning an individual’s health is detrimental to both the healthcare industry and the public. The inability of the public to make the right decisions about their health needs increases the cost of health delivery, undermines the quality of health, and reduces the effectiveness of healthcare facilities within a society.

As such, there is a need for the healthcare management team to devise a plan that will help in improving the health literacy levels in the public (Osborne, 2013). The era of technology has brought about many changes; therefore, failure to raise the public knowledge on health will leave the society at the mercy of counterfeit institutions.

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The expected outcome of this management action plan (MAP) is an improved level of health literacy in the society. People will be able to seek for medical attention in time, thus reducing the cost of health care for the involved parties. Consequently, the quality of service delivery in the healthcare industry will improve because patients will be willing to carry out the expected activities with understanding. The improvement of healthcare around the world will have a considerable impact on the social and the economic aspects of life thus raising the general living standards of people in the society (Marks, 2012).