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Homework Question on Health Care Reforms: Increased Accountability coupled with Cost Control

  • Describe the topic that you will be covering. Explain why you chose it and how it relates to the future of managed health care delivery systems.
  • II. Annotated Bibliography: Provide an annotated bibliography of at least five of the required eight to ten scholarly sources you will be using to write your Final Paper.
  • An annotated bibliography for this purpose is one that is in APA format and is followed by a brief description of how the resources are relevant to the topic of your paper.

Your Assignment:

  1. Must be three- to- five pages Must have a cover page that includes:
  2. Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must have a Paper Proposal of one-to- two pages in length. Must have an Annotated Bibliography of one- to- two pages in length.
  3. Must document all sources in APA style.

Homework Answer on Health Care Reforms: Increased Accountability coupled with Cost Control

The health care industry is a constantly growing field, encountering new challenges as times changes. Health care providers are always determined to improve the quality amidst various challenges such as the rising cost of technology. As analysts attest, one of the biggest trials for the health care providers in the modern day is to maintain quality and efficiency while still providing affordable services to the general public.

In America, for example, the cost of health care rose to close to 3 billion in 2013 ( While it is necessary to control the rising cost, it is more fundamental to maintain quality and efficiency in the healthcare system (Brinkerhoff, 2003). To achieve a balance in both, therefore, there is need to establish calculated health reforms in the present health care system. One of the paramount reforms will be to increase accountability of the health care providers coupled with cost control measures. Nonetheless, how should cost control go hand in hand with accountability?

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Accountability refers the practice of assuming responsibility for a given task and being held liable for its outcome. In the health care industry, in particular, healthcare providers take responsibility for patient’s treatment when they are admitted to hospitals and even after discharge. Essentially, healthcare providers are accountable for the health wellbeing of the general public (Brinkerhoff, 2003). Accountability is a crucial aspect of healthcare as it determines the overall achievement of the health care provider’s primary goal; that is, to raise a healthy society.