Sample Healthcare Paper On First Aid Program

Homework Question on First Aid Program

  • Based on the program you have selected to develop, start thinking about a budget for your program.
  • Submit a budget and a budget justification

Homework Answer on First Aid Program

In every organization, safety and health requires compliance with standards outlined by the Environmental safety and health organization. It requires provision of emergency care to injuries as well as sudden illnesses prior to medical treatment. A first-aid program within an organization entails a comprehensive safety and health management system composed of essential elements such as management leadership and employee involvement (Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid program, 2006).

Similarly, other essential elements include hazard protection and control, worksite analysis and safety and health training. First-aid programs within an organization facilitate the minimization of the outcomes of accidents as well as their exposures. These aspects occur through compliance with the Organizational Safety and Health Administration requirements regarding first aid (Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid program, 2006).

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This paper will focus on creating a first aid basic program for the public with emphasis on training and the creation of awareness of mental health issues among young people. The aim of these emphases will focus towards the budget necessary to implement the appropriate program.The provision of first aid to the public requires sufficient quantities of appropriate and readily accessible first-aid supplies and equipment.