Sample Healthcare Essays On Winkler County Nurses Trial

Homework Question on Winkler County Nurses Trial

  • Read information on the case of the Winkler County Trial that involves nurses Anne Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle who filed a complaint against Dr Rolando Arafiles
  • Answer the following questions. Reference one peer-reviewed nursing journal article in APA format to support your submission.
  • Each answer should be 100 words.
  1. After reviewing the outcome of the case, describe how the case impacted the following; i. The nurses ii. Winkler County Memorial Hospital iii. The physician iv. Future nurses
  2. Were the rights of the nurses violated according to the Nurses Bill of Rights? Support your position.
  3. What recommendations would you suggest to prevent this situation from occurring again?

Homework Answer on Winkler County Nurses Trial

  1. Nurses

The outcome of this case is actually about the care of the patient and will encourage nurses who witnesses patient care that is unsafe to feel that they have an obligation to report the vice.  Again, if the nurses find out that an internal source at the hospital is not responding in the right way to an issue concerning patient care, then the nurse will be able to proceed to an external body for the matter to be addressed to the latter. The case results also facilitated the nurses to candidly advocate for their patients and themselves without fearing the results.

ii. Winkler County Memorial Hospital

The hospital learned that it is important to have a clear process by which physicians, nurses and other personnel can effectively raise their concern without the fear of retaliation. The hospital identified that it does not necessarily have to take the action which whistleblowers want, but if they take some actions and frequently update whistleblowers about the issue, they are not likely to proceed to a third party.  Finally, despite the dire need for practitioners in a rural town setup, the hospital should never give their practitioners facing accusations the benefit of the doubt, instead, the hospital should follow the policies.

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iii. Physician

The physician realized that he should not practice beyond the extent of his privileges.  This is evident in the case when the physician executes a skin scion to a patient.  The physician should practice within the well-defined privileges set by the medical staffs or the hospital.  The physician was accused of selling herbal remedy to the patients.  The physician learnt from this case that he should not promote additional remedies to a patient, which stood out as a conflict of interest.