Sample Healthcare Essays On Wellness and Safety Programs

Homework Question on Wellness and Safety Programs

  1. Choose a large a company ( preferably 500 or more employees) visit the HR director, wellness coordinator or safety engineer and interview him or her about both the wellness and safety programs available to employees of the organization.
  • Write a 1 page paper each on wellness and safety report the detailing what you find out.
  • Each paper on wellness and safety so the total is 2 pages. Thank you.

Homework Answer on Wellness and Safety Programs

Computer software and data, just like the hardware and physical equipment has owners. All computer facilities, both tangible and intangible are vulnerable to theft, intrusion, unauthorized modification and deletion, among other mal-practices. The nature of computer data and software makes enacting of legal measures to safeguard it and prosecute malpractices involving computer crime. However, many companies are developing structures to handle such cases.

While institutions have to utilize technical methods of computer hardware, software and data security management like data encryption, network firewalls, backups and data masking, the presence of legal frameworks help them pursue cases of malpractices and the perpetrators are known (“Computer Crime Statutes.” 2015).

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Computer and Information technology law includes the regulations, statutes, and case law that govern the digital dissemination of both software and digitalized information. They broadly encompass the legal aspects of information technology. Computer law mainly covers the digital information that includes electronic commerce and information security aspects.Another aspect of Computer Law is Cyber law, also referred to as Internet law. It encapsulates all the legal issues pertaining to Internet use.