Sample Healthcare Essays On Utilizing Skills and Techniques

Homework Question on Utilizing Skills and Techniques

  1. Select two of the techniques described in Chapter 9 and one technique demonstrated in the video, People Skills: Productive Counseling, that reflect an experience or experiences you have witnessed and the effects of using those techniques.
  2. Why do you believe it helped or harmed? How could a different technique been more useful or less helpful? Respond to a minimum of two of your classmate’s posts.
  • Multimedia Ash Quarry Productions (Producer). (1998). People skills: Productive counseling [Video file]. Retrieved from the Films On Demand database

Homework Answer on Utilizing Skills and Techniques

Ventilation involves getting the client to open up his/her attitudes and feelings for consideration during an engagement with the worker (Sheafor, Horejsi, &Horejsi, 1988, p. 200).I recently visited a marriage counselor with my wife over a dispute in which I would not do anything she asked me to do. The counselor asked me which position I am in my family. It came out clearly that being the lastborn in my family; I have grown up hating authority because Iused to be sent all the time.

Ventilation helps workers understand clients and facilitates quick solutions to the current problem. Most of the times, feelings are normally the problem. Ventilation helped in my case because I was able to understand the root cause of my problem easier and faster.A small talk occurs at the beginning, before the main talk and it is usually not related to the main talk. It serves as an icebreaker (Sheafor et al. 1988, p. 207).

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A small talk enables both the client and the worker to know each other prior to the main business. However, a small talk creates anxiety and nervousness if it takes too long. I once attended an interview where I had a cup of coffee with the interviewers prior to the interview. It made me relax and I got to know my interviewers. Reassurance would have been more helpful for me in the case of the dispute with my wife. I needed an assurance that I would get back to terms with my wife. Empathy is feeling for the other person who may be suffering.