Sample Healthcare Essays On Using Social Media to Change Behavior

Homework Question on Using Social Media to Change Behavior

  • After carefully reading and reviewing the article entitled “Harnessing Social Media for Health Promotion” please answer the following questions.
  1. What are the cons of using social media to change behavior? (at least 250 words)
  2. What are the pros of using social media to change behavior? (at least 250 words)
  3. What information from the article can you utilize as you go forward in your career? Please cite specifically. (at least 250 words) Use AT LEAST two references when answering these questions and list the references both within your essay and at the end of the essay.
  • Please be specific and detailed.

Homework Answer on Using Social Media to Change Behavior

Q1. What are the cons of using social media to change behavior?

Although social media and other online network sites were initially developed to connect people as they share information, these sites have the capacity to change behaviors. Social media has become essential in promoting health education through creation of awareness of timely information about influential healthcare professionals, as well as organizations that focus on healthcare issues. However, social media has been blamed of changing people’s behaviors negatively.

Since it is quite easy to join these sites, many users do not create privacy in their pages; hence, end up exposing their personal information. Such exposure has lead to increase in cyber-bullying and loss of privacy. Thus, it is essential to ensure that information posted on social media is accurate and consider professionalism (Bernhardt, Alber & Gold, 2014). Facebook is one of the social network sites that have been blamed for undermining and destroying careers of many professionals.

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This has happened when individuals share offensive or inappropriate information that expose professionals’ personal information. The site can also be used to tarnish a professional’s reputation, leading to loss of job. Some individuals have taken the social media to expose their organizations’ secrets, thus, leading to loss of clients. Users who are not keen on what they post on social media may end up irritating their bosses’ unintentionally, as what they consider right may become a threat to their employers.