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Homework Question on  Type 2 Diabetes in children

  • A 3-4 pages (the body) on a topic you would like to research.
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  • An Abstract 100-150 words
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Conclusion Paragraph : Restate the three main points that you explored add insightful information , commentary, offer your opinion , suggestions, predictions etc. Add any antidotes’ on how you relate to the material.

  1. What are your overall thoughts?
  2. What new information have you gathered, or still want to know about the topic.
  3. Have your thoughts or feelings changed about the topic after doing this research?
  • You will list a minimum of 3-5 sources on your reference page.
  • Acceptable source include: Journal Articles , Professional /Trade Magazine articles, Newspaper Articles, Published Books.
  • No web sources, No Wikipedia .
  • *Make sure to use in text citations, and cite your work as needed.
  • You will bring up points from the sources you have read..

Homework Answer on Type 2 Diabetes in children


Diabetes has become a public health threat throughout the world, as millions of people continue to suffer from the chronic disease. This study will focus on type 2-diabetes, which is a type of diabetes that mainly affect children. Type 2-diabetes is a lifestyle illness that is a product of environmental factors as well as family genes. Change in lifestyle and inactivity are the main causes of type 2-diabetes in children. Symptoms of type 2-diabetes include weight loss, increased hunger and thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, poor vision, and slow curing of sores.

Type 2-diabetes can be discovered through blood tests, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test, or oral glucose tolerance text (OGTT). Type 2-diabetes can be treated through changing lifestyle and administration of drugs that facilitate or reduce insulin production.

Type 2 Diabetes in children

It is quite alarming that type-2 diabetes, which is one of the two types of diabetes, has been on the rise among children, particularly those that are overweight.

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The disease has exhibited worrying characteristics as well as demographics throughout the world. Insulin resistance resulting from obesity and inactive lifestyle normally exemplifies type 2-diabetes. The most common symptoms of type 2-diabetes include obesity, insulin resistance, inactivity, and hypertension. Type 2-diabetes can be treated through engaging in proper lifestyle or administering drugs that enhance insulin production or minimize insulin resistance.