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Homework Question on The Philosopher “John Rawls”

  1. The Research will talk about John Rawls, was a modern ethics theorist. very important the research composition, start with introduction , biographical, his theory….
  • Please DO NOT use this source ( Ethics in health administration, A practical approach for decision makers ) use 3 difference sources, journals should be no other than 5 years old. Type size 11 font, APA format.

Homework Answer on The Philosopher “John Rawls”

John Rawls is commonly known for his service as a lecturer at Harvard University. Apart from teaching, he was an adept writer whose writings have for many years changed the philosophical world. His theories advocated for morality and modern ethics. His arguments and reasons for equality were backed by his theory of justice and fairness. His works earned him a lot of likes across the world making many to consider him as one of the most influential individuals of his era. (John, 2009).

Rawls’ mother, Anna Abell Stump Rawls, was a chapter president on the league of women voters whiles his father, William Lee Rawls, a prominent lawyer in Baltimore (Weithman, 2010). He was the second child to the Rawls with four other siblings. Rawls lost two brothers at an early age due to infections from his illnesses: Diphtheria and pneumonia. Thomas Pogge, Rawls’ biographer, describes this as one of the memorable events during his life.

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Rawls begun his schooling at Baltimore at a tender age. He later changed schools and went to Kent school (Weithman, 2010). While in second year at Princeton, He developed interest and admiration for theology and the accompanying principles. He opted to study priesthood (Weithman, 2010). He stuck with his ideologies and principles throughout his time at the university until his last year in 1939.After being awarded a PhD, he served as a lecturer at Princeton university. He later moved to Oxford University upon receiving as scholarship. Here, he met Isaiah Berlin,  who influenced him (John, 2009).