Sample Healthcare Essays On The Future of Healthcare in US

Homework Question on The Future of Healthcare in US

  • Include (In any order you wish): –
  1. Write what you think the future of healthcare is for the US
  2. How do you think the future will impact health care professionals
  3. Have a brief overview of government roles in health policy -Include overview of stakeholders in the policy process
  4. Include ethical and historical context
  5. Summarize the creation, history and significane of health policy in the US

Homework Answer on The Future of Healthcare in US

The future of care in the United States is uncertain but generally predictable. Based on the past, the evolution that has been witnessed can explain certain direction that healthcare is likely to take. Challenges and opportunities characterize the current state of health and it is expected that to all the stakeholders, changing times and expectations will be experienced in future. The current level of knowledge will be a notch higher, transformations will take place, technology will be the order of the day, patience service will also improve, and insurance schemes will arise to tackle the needs of the poor among other things.

Among the many changes that will be expected in the future, the notable ones will include uncertainty in the regulation industry, there will also be a massive incorporation of the scientific advancement in the field as well as digital transformation. With all these, it is evident that in the future, the shape or environment of the healthcare in the United States will be align and possibly be ahead of the global health market.

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It should be noted that by 2030 or so; the health industry will gear towards a personalized care which will be predictive and preventable thereby increasing on the possibility of wellness on the patients. This being the case, this paper will try to describe the current health care environment with emphasis on the affordable care act and the expected future trend of the health care industry.