Sample Healthcare Essays On Recent Breakthroughs of Telemedicine

Homework Question on Recent Breakthroughs of Telemedicine.

  • The subject of the report is an important new technology or technique in a particular field of work.
  • The title should have the form, “Recent Breakthroughs ______”.
  • The topic I chose is telemedicine program for the hospital.
  • The intended audience is colleagues and supervisors at an actual place of work at the hospital
  • The purpose of the report is to inform readers on the subject in a way that is understandable to those who are not expert in it.
  • Consider that they may have to make decisions based on the information you provide, so it is important that explanations are clear, and that the information is well organized Please be as concrete and specific as possible: narrow the scope in a reasonable way and avoid generic papers and writing.

Homework Answer on Recent Breakthroughs of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a term that encompasses all medical activities with element of distance (Wootton, 557). Telemedicine is commonly used to refer to the communication doctors make with patients from a distance. As a telecommunication technology, telemedicine is an applicable program within the hospital due to its numerous advancements and cost effectiveness. This is evident from the numerous feasibility and pilot studies conducted (Wootton, 558).

There is proof, by randomized control trial of home telenursing, that telemedicine is cost effectiveness. Electronic referrals were found to be cheaper and more effective in handling outpatients in the hospital than the traditional approaches. Managing minor injuries and decision support over video links by nurse practitioners was found to be much effective and safe while call centers and online health met the demand of the public effectively.

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Among other applicable advancements in telemedicine is the introduction of teleradiology, which is a technique used to acquire opinion from a distant radiologist through transmission of the digital x-ray images. From hospitals in remote regions, digital images are produced by insertion of plain films to laser scanner. Advanced x-ray equipments are employed in producing digital images directly.