Sample Healthcare Essays On Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance

Homework Question on Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance

  1. What is a qualitative analysis? Give one example on how this method can be used to improve performance in a healthcare setting.
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Homework Answer on Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance

As explained by Holloway and Wheeler (2013), qualitative analysis is the statistical method of determining or deriving meanings from non-numerical information. In essence, it is an inquiry into the reasoning behind displayed behaviors. Holloway (2005) explained that the non-numerical data used in the qualitative analysis might include a brand’s image, firm’s reputation, customer’s feelings, a reaction, or chemical species among others. For example, observing that a chemical reaction is producing a bubbling gas is a qualitative analysis.

Coon (2008) asserted that the primary aim of qualitative analysis is to provide a complete detailed description of the phenomenon under study. This research method does not attempt to assign frequencies to features identified with the phenomenon under study. As a result, rare phenomena tend to receive same frequency and attention as ones that are more frequent. As explained by Pope and Mays (2006), the qualitative analysis enables researchers to draw subtle distinctions because it does not shoehorn the data.

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Furthermore, it allows inherent ambiguities in the human language to be recognized during the analysis process. However, according to Miles, Huberman, and Saldana (2014), the major disadvantage of qualitative analysis is that its findings cannot be extended to the entire population. The qualitative analysis method can be used to improve performance in healthcare.