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  1. Assignment: Submit a 1 page essay discussing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  2. Evaluate these practices and provide your reaction.

Homework Answer on Public Health

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) outlines methods and tools that apply bio-intensive IPM as well as proposes information that is adequate for the implementation of IPM. It aims at assisting individual farmers their scale of production notwithstanding.According to Library of Congress (2007), pest management is a crucial ecological issue and should therefore, be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner while protecting human health.

IPM is not practiced in isolation from other agricultural management practices; rather, it is one of the various methods applied in the crop production system. IPM is employed so as to implement a socially adequate and economically realistic approach in the protection of plants.The goals of IPM are to increase the profits gained from farming, improve the quality of the environment and develop the image of agriculture.

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IPM follows a principle: the unit of management is the agro-ecosystem, and thus any practice may yield some undesirable and unexpected consequences. Therefore, this concept brings forth the basis of a holistic advancement to IPM. IPM does not leave lasting pest residues and maximizes natural methods of controlling pests (Kao-Kniffin, Carver, & DiTommaso, 2013).