Sample Healthcare Essays On Physicians’ Ethical Dilemmas

Homework Question on Physicians’ Ethical Dilemmas

  • Choose an ethical decision-making model from among the following three discussed in the lecture and other readings:
  • Nash’s 12 Questions for Moral Choices, Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints, and Uustal’s Ethical Decision-Making Model. Apply your chosen model to the following ethical dilemma:
  • Your terminally ill patient told you at her last visit that, since her pain could no longer be completely controlled by any means, and in her opinion she was just waiting to die, she was going to Holland to participate in its physician-assisted suicide program. What would your advice to this patient be?
  • In a 500-750 word paper, include a letter to your patient offering your insights and recommendations regarding this decision.
  • In addition, following your letter, include a subsection in which you address the following when completing this assignment:
  1. Explain the theory of the chosen ethical decision-making model as it relates to this scenario.
  2. What effect have this and other models had on medical practice over the years?
  3. Should a doctor be able to end the life of an individual who is suffering and who has no hope of recovery? Why or why not?
  4. How might a living will be used, or not, to guide an individual’s end of life decisions?
  5. How does the use of technology complicate the dying process?
  • Include at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed references from the GCU Libr

Homework Answer on Physicians’ Ethical Dilemmas

In healthcare setting, physicians have a duty of care to their patients and should act out of good faith to save their patient’s lives while relieving their pains. In a scenario where a patient requests an advice from physicians concerning participating in physician assisted suicide program, it is a professional duty for them to act ethically when dealing with vulnerable people, observe principle of benefit and harm and respect individual’s autonomy.

This would entail respecting patients choice and not coerce a competent person from taking any medication against their will. As a result, physicians should advice patients suggesting to participate in the program to evaluate their decisions before making a conclusion, which should be the taken as a last resort. In addition, a physician should advice the patient to observe all the legally necessitated precautions before making a conclusion (Rosenberg, & Speice, 2013).

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In the letter to the patients, the doctor should indicate that: According to the professional ethics, it is morally right to maintain and greatly respect human life. Physicians are obliged to observe the principle of benefit and harm where they should respect patient’s wishes and not harm them through forcing them to act against their wishes which could be withdrawal from medication or relieving pains. The illness under question is terminal and it is confirmed that patient will suffer the pain till death runs its course.