Sample Healthcare Essays On People with Disabilities

Homework Question on People with Disabilities Living In Congregate Care Residences

  1. Reduce the Number of People with Disabilities Living In Congregate Care Residences
  2. Give Examples of risk reduction. Prevention programs. Strategies that members of the community might benefit  from.

Homework Answer on People with Disabilities Living In Congregate Care Residences

Adoption assistance and child welfare act constituted in the year 1980 made policies that aimed at reducing youth and children with disabilities placed outside family homes. This means that disabled citizens would have an opportunity to integrate with their family members. In addition, families would support and care for their disabled children – an action that facilitates child development.

Furthermore, this initiative reduced the risk associated with the placement of many disabled persons outside the family environment that instigated the lack of inherent cultural, social, and developmental aspects of life in the disabled population. By doing this, government agencies concerned with the development and operation of congregated residence experienced reduced costs due to reduced workload.

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Some of the programs undertaken involve the state developmental disabilities program that strives at supporting families with disabled children and youth with incentives such as the supplemental security income (Lakin). Education programs that suits the dire needs of the disabled children’s are improvised in their locations that is not only free but also efficient and mindful of their special needs.Some of the strategies developed include the developmental disability service delivery system that targets at establishing and identifying children with disabilities living within the society.