Sample Healthcare Essays On Peak Performance

Homework Question on Employees Getting To Peak Performance

  • Write a speech to be given to employees who are direct reports. Just received top down messaging from executive leadership and now it’s time to deliver the information. The speech needs to hit on how they, as employees can reach their peak performance.
  • What is it going to take to get them there? The company has goals in which we are accountable for no matter what job title/position we have. The bottom line, without our customers, we simply would not be employed.
  • One of the main things as employees, we need to lead by example and make sure we always meet the needs of our customers each time. It truly is about the customer experience. The speech needs to be inspirational, motivational and directional. The audience would be the employees.

Homework Answer on Employees Getting To Peak Performance

Comrades, it is my joy to address you today. On behalf of the executive,I take this chance to show gratitude to you for your dedication and great service that you have accorded to the company. It is because of your dedication, trust and involvement that our company has been able to thrive and provide many benefits not only to our members but also to our loyal customers.We have achieved most of the goals that we set for our company but we still have much to do to reach peak performance.

To start us off, I will brief you on how you can get to peak performance,what you can do so as to reach peak performance, accountability to the goals of the company and leading by example so as to meet the needs our customers.Each person has potential that is undiscovered within them; the key to utilizing the potential is to reach higher step by step. First, you need to build a good foundationso as to have a firm base as you move step by step.

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Apart from intelligence and talent,there are other basic aspects of life that have to be met so that you can function at your peak thus achieving peak performance. To fully utilize your potential you must make yourself your most crucial investment.You can achieve this by getting enough sleep,exercising daily,being optimistic,believing in your dreams and always having a positive outlook.You are obliged to give attention and precedence to the execution of your duty.