Sample Healthcare Essays On Patient Safety

Homework Question on Factors in health care Organizations that affect Patient Safety

  1. Find a recent article on the factors in health care organizations that affect patient safety. How is the human factor revelant to patient safety?
  • Provide a summary on the article

Homework Answer on Factors in health care Organizations that affect Patient Safety

Literature, on occurrence of contagious illnesses in health care settings has related the physical environment with unpleasant patient and employee outcomes (Lundstrom, Pugliese, Bartley, Cox, & Guither, 2012). A rising number of investigations are looking at the connection between advancement in organizational factors and quantifiable transformation in patient outcomes. This article examines organizational factors that control the contentment, health and safety of health care personnel and eventually, the contentment, wellbeing, and health care quality for patients.

The effect of the work atmosphere on performance and the effects on health care employees and patients are also tackled.The literature evaluated in this article assists in clarification of present efforts being executed to set up connections between health care personnel and patient outcomes. The chosen studies emphasized on employee health and safety issues that are influenced by the organization, work and physical backgrounds.

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Problems observed incorporated the safety atmosphere; strain and job burnout; employee-related sicknesses and injuries for example musculoskeletal disorder (Lundstrom et al., 2012). Also organizational aspects that affect employee performance, such as joint effort, staffing ratios, and quality development practices were scrutinized. In general, the studies offer proof of direct and unpleasant effects on job performance and advocate indirect impacts on the quality of patient care.