Sample Healthcare Essays On Organizational Change

Homework Question on Organizational Change

  1. What skills or dispositions are important to cultivate in the face of such prevalent change?
  2. Are these the same for people at all levels of an organization, or are there additional needs for managers? (Skills or dispositions needed for navigating organizational change)

Homework Answer on Organizational Change

Adaptation towards change is becoming a frequent agenda in all types of organizations. In this case, employees need to have certain skills that will enable them understand the necessity and the pace of change as well as ability to identify the solutions to the successful implementation of most important corporate change. The skills include:

Ability to Create and Share New Vision

It is very important to generate and communicate a positive vision of change as well as how it will affect the entire business. Regardless of the size of the organization, visioning can take place at a wide level either with the main staff members or management level. The managerial culture can define the input type, which is effective in the process of visioning. For instance, top down management can clarify the vision before it is shared among the staff members or can set up gathering sessions and discuss staff input. When a company is experiencing a profound change, it is better to communicate the new vision as early as possible.

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The Ability to Clarify Roles that Suit the Company

What staff members do to support their company or how their role support the general vision is of great importance towards the organizational change. The process of role clarification can act as a time of restoration as employees with key skills can be exploited in innovative ways. Every member of an organization should have the capability to express how his/her job will assist the entire vision of the business as well as how they can assist one another. Additionally, open and continuing communication skills are important as the role clarification normally happens over time (Phillips & Holton, 1997).