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Homework Question on Occupational Health and Safety

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  1. What is your final analysis of the policy/liability driven top-down model of health and occupational safety programs in the emergency services? What are the strengths and limitations to complete and comprehensive department policy manuals and national safety rules and regulations? How do these compare with bottom-up strategies for increasing health and wellness? Are these two models of effecting change for increased safety and health mutually exclusive, compatible, complementary, conflicting, etc.?
  2. What are the main advantages and limitations to an emergency responder’s taking an holistic approach to living well? Is living well easier or more difficult when one is not under the external pressures of others to make the changes? Are the choices to change that are based on reason always easy to accomplish? How does helping others increase their health and wellness benefit you and the others in the working group?

Homework Answer on Occupational Health and Safety

My Final Analysis of Policy Driven Top-Down Model Health and Occupation Safety Programs

I think the policy of top-down model of health and occupation safety programs in emergency services is a good idea. This is because every individual in the work place including the top officials and the employees are involved in formulating the safety plans. I disagree with the point that the top-down model has got no limitations because many people may appear in the site but make little or no contribution.

Strengths and Limitations of Completing and Comprehending Department Policy Manuals

It is the constitutional duty and obligation of every employer to provide a safe and healthy place for their employees to work in. Therefore, the manual helps the managers to follow the legal requirements as stated in the occupational health and safety act. However, it is rarely a debatable issue that many employees will take advantage of the manual and will claim health care for diseases contracted outside the work place.

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 How do these compare with Bottom-Up Strategies for Increasing Health and Wellness?

Both top-bottom strategies and bottom up strategies have one thing in common: they try to improve the occupational health and safety of individuals in the work place. The two models are quite conflicting because one involves the top officials while the other one does not.