Sample Healthcare Essays On Mental Health

Homework Question on Mental Health

  • Find a newspaper or scholarly article where a health care organization or a provider was found guilty of malpractice, criminal negligence, false credentials, failure to treat or patient abandonment. Post accessible link with your response. Discuss with your colleagues
  1. Which critical health care error does the article address?
  2. Explain the setting and details using your own words.
  3. Drawing from your readings and experience to date, what do you assess are factors leading up to the error? Touch on duties and standard of care.

Homework Answer on Mental Health

A counselor who was a defendant in a case which he was accused of patient’s negligence was a licensed mental health counselor. The Counselor together with his spouse, who was the co-defendant, owned the facility where the petitioner was admitted of her eating disorder treatment.  The petitioner was a young lady aged twenty three years and was admitted to the counselor’s facility to get the treatment of anorexia, depression and her eating disorder.

She received her treatment as an inpatient for the disorders up to when she was not able to pay for the care anymore. The counselor relocated her to his transitional housing facility, which was not licensed, and she got selected as a “house supervisor”. Her condition did not get better, but worsened.  She got terminated from that position and was discharged from that facility.The petitioner claimed that she was discharged prematurely and this caused her symptoms to get worse and this resulted to pain, emotional suffering from delayed appropriate treatment.

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She as well claimed various allegations associated with financial agreements for her treatment, which are not included in the counselor’s professional liability insurance policy. An evaluation of the medical record disclosed various breaches of the standard of care that included lack of documentation showing the treatment decision-making process, lack of medical oversight, failure to record the administered medication and failure to record the petitioner’s weight regardless of her anorexia status (Paans & Sermeus et al., 2010).