Sample Healthcare Essays On Eradicating Medication Errors

Homework Question on Medication Errors

  1. Interview either a pharmacist or a unit director and determine hospital policy for reporting medication errors. Discuss ways to prevent medication errors and methods to encourage reporting medication errors.

Homework Answer on Medication Errors

Interviewing the General Psychiatry Inpatient Unit director at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Andrew Angelino, acted as an eye opener on the best way of eradicating medication errors. The interview question employed was: What is Johns Hopkins Hospital’s policy for reporting medication errors? According to Angelino, researchers from this hospital established that employing an electronic prescription medication ordering system coupled with a computerized technique of reporting undesirable occurrences could significantly decrease the level of medication errors.

Johns Hopkins Hospital employs a computer program in the psychiatric department and all the hospital’s sections. This computer program instantly eliminates the risk of illegible writing that could be misread or misinterpreted by other healthcare givers and cause erroneous medication or incorrect drug dosage.The computer program at Johns Hopkins Hospital also encompasses incorporated decision backing for the drug quantity assortment, and drug allergic reaction alerts just to mention a few.

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With the application of the computer program in the drug ordering system, Johns Hopkins Hospital initiated a policy for reporting medication errors, the Patient Safety Net Error Reporting System, used by caregivers in the reporting of every medication error. The reporting system permits follow up, remedial execution, and the capability to learn from ordinary errors. Angelino confirmed that after the application of computerized ordering and reporting systems, the hospital improved from a medication error rate of 27.9 for every one thousand patient days in 2004 to 3.4 for every one thousand patient days in 2008.