Sample Healthcare Essays On Insurance Covers

Homework Question on Insurance Covers

  • Must be two separate paragraphs
  • Must respond to the following questions.
  • Write short Essays.
  1. The first question is :An area that has been declared as a current asset doing business, but has not yet collected cash. The medical field is the largest bill that collection agencies continue to deal with due to the limited services that is provided as well as the amount of deduction that is not covered by the insurance.I have seen departments end up writing off the bill due to its longevity of payment or missed payments.
  2. The second question is : The newest hospital in our area in einstein-montgomery hospital opened in late september 2012. Have you seen any of the marking efforts for the hospital.
  • What do you think of the materials?
  • How do the materials compare to what you have received in the mail.

Homework Answer on Insurance Covers

The collection of bills from the government funding and insurance covers is very difficult. This is because it may take a long time for the hospital administrators to receive reimbursements. This undermines the assumption that the medical business is a current asset business.  In addition, some of the medical departments are forced to write off some medical bills due to the long time taken in paying for the bills.

This implies the need for government intervention towards funding the medical programs in most public hospitals in the society. Other patients usually completely misses out in paying for the medical expenses reducing the cash collected from the medical services offered. Therefore, it is questionable to argue that the medical business is a current asset doing business.

Homework Help

Personally, I think the materials used building the hospital is attractive and suitable. When comparing the materials send received via the emails, Einstein Montgomery hospital materials and building designs looks much better and bright from my observation. The hospital is made of glass material that makes it look attractive to any persons visiting the hospitals.  Moreover, the hospital is fitted with state of the art equipments that would be helpful in promoting the provision of health care in the region.