Sample Healthcare Essays On History of HIV/AIDS

Homework Question on History of HIV/AIDS in the United States and South Africa

  1. Research the history of HIV/AIDS in two countries.
  2. Compare and contrast the role of public health policies regarding transmission prevention, and treatment in the spread of the disease

Homework Answer on History of HIV/AIDS in the United States and South Africa

HIV/AIDS is one of the incurable diseases after it was identified in the late 1980s.  The paper will seek to compare and contrast the history of HIV/AIDS in United States and South Africa. Studies have confirmed that the HIV virus has infected many people across the world.  According to the UN report in 2007, South Africa was the country with the highest number of people living with HIV in the world.  The rate of HIV prevalence in Southern is higher than that of the United States.

In South Africa, it can be estimated close to 350,000 people died from AIDS. Women in South Africa were in a greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection. The highest numbers of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS are within the age of 15 to 24 years (Cock & Weiss, 2000). On the other hand, HIV/AIDS in United started in 1981 when it was noted among the gay men. United States was the first nation to publicize the danger of AIDS to the society.

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The first records on the disease were given out by the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the number of deaths and cases noted in June 1981. Afterwards, CDC was able to conduct research on the disease including the causes of the disease.  In contrast, in South Africa the disease came to their knowledge after the introduction in the United States.  However, in the United States, HIV/AIDS was more politicized than in South Africa (Creese, Floyd, Alban, & Guinness, 2002).