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Homework Question on Healthcare Outcomes

  1. Select a local health care organization. How does the organization measure health outcomes?How could sustainability efforts affect those outcomes? ( 250 WORDS)
  2. Select a health care organization where you work or would like to work. Consider a situation where this organization is trying to identify stakeholders to help it monitor and evaluate sustainability efforts. What individuals or groups of individuals would your recommend be involved as stakeholders? (300 WORDS)

Homework Answer on Healthcare Outcomes

Healthcare organizations stand out as the most consistent and best performance across the world. This is due to the fact that researchers, doctors and nurses among other health specialists do everything at their disposal to ensure that the lives and health of people around the world is not at risk. An example of a healthcare organization in the US that has put a lot of effort to ensure that the health of human beings is at its best is the New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell.

Ranked as one of the best healthcare organizations in the US that concentrate on Cardiology and Heart Surgery, the hospital has had an excellent performance as pointed out by the patients who have undergone treatment there.The hospital measures health outcomes in a number of ways. For instance, the management of the hospital has capitalized on categorical measures which include putting the patients to task to make clinical decisions after their treatment.

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Besides, the hospital managers have used descriptive measures which have helped in the examination of the relationship between two or more factors among the patients. For instance, once a patient is treated, the relationship between the patient’s leg length and walking speed can be examined and this helps to measure the health outcomes of the patients.  In addition, the physicians often observe the behavior of the patients after treatment and this is one of the most common ways used in measuring health outcomes in a number of organizations.