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Homework Question on HealthCare Marketing

  1. Our text is based on the premise that marketing in the healthcare industry is different due to the unique presence and actions of these 5 Ps:  Physicians, Patients, Payers, the Public, and Politics.
  2. Write a one-page paper explaining which one of these Ps has the most influence on healthcare marketing.  You may not write about two of them or any combination of them.
  3. You must pick only one of them. You must be very specific and provide 2 very clear reasons why the P you chose has the strongest influence on healthcare marketing.

Homework Answer on HealthCare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is the involvement of activities that are closely related to the distribution, development, packaging, and pricing of healthcare products and services (Berkowitz, 65). It also involves the different mechanisms that are used to promote these products and services. Several factors affect healthcare marketing, also referred to as the 5P’s. These factors include Physicians, Patients, the Public, Payers, and Politics. Amongst the five factors, politics has the most influence on healthcare marketing.

This is so because healthcare is one of the most important human needs in the nation and most politicians use the issue of healthcare during their campaign into power. Secondly, politics has a huge influence on the peace of a given country. Political parties as well as politicians often use healthcare benefits as part of their campaign strategies. For instance, Republican politicians have in the past have made use of ‘Obamacare’ as part of their campaign tool against their opponents.

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Politicians in a country have the right to implement laws that govern the health institutions. An example is the Medicaid expansion in Missouri and Kansas, which the politicians in these areas refused to expand it.Politics play a huge role in the stability of different sectors in a nation. The peace of a country is determined by stability in a nation’s politics. Healthcare marketing hugely depends on the political stability of a country (Patel & Rushefsky, 120).