Sample Healthcare Essays On Healthcare for the Homeless

Homework Question on Healthcare for the Homeless

  1. Imagine you are a policymaker for your city or town. Based on what you know and what you have learned in this course, what would you modify or improve to make a positive change in the life of a vulnerable group we have not covered in class?
  2. Justify whether or not you would consult the vulnerable group when developing programs or policies?
  3. Propose a policy you would create to improve health care services accessibility, cost, and quality related to your selected group?
  • Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length.
  • Your research and claims must be supported by a minimum of two scholarly sources beyond your course text.
  • Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and references.

Homework Answer on Healthcare for the Homeless

Many residents of my city have access to the best healthcare facilities, support groups and policies, just like most other cities in the state. Well-equipped and staffed hospitals, ambulance services, drug addiction therapy are just among some of the benefits the city residents enjoy. However, only a few cities have an elaborate plan on how to engage and assist the homeless in facing such challenges as addiction. This has rendered children of homeless families susceptible to exposure to drugs at an early age due to the general neglect of authorities.

A program is required, one that would help homeless families to overcome healthcare and drugs based challenges they face. Homeless people experience endless challenges when trying to access healthcare services (Singh, 2013).Mobile clinics and therapy offices are a more efficient way to deliver these services to these groups. Since homeless people find it hard interfacing with the general society, thus finding it challenging to go for some services, it would be better taking these services to  their comfort zones, on the streets and in homeless shelters.

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When coming up with such a program, there is need to liaise with members of the target group. There is need to ascertain their general and specific needs. This is to increase the success rate of the program. Members of the homeless group have to be allowed to participate in the process formulation of service distribution if a larger portion is to be accessed (Tanya, 2014).This mobile healthcare facilities and drug therapy clinics will be hosted by combo-vans driven around the city, accessing the street sections commonly known to host the homeless.