Sample Healthcare Essays On Health Literacy in Health Education

Homework Question on Health Literacy in Health Education and Healthcare

  1. Describe why health literacy is so important in health education and health care.
  • Provide specific examples and cite AT LEAST two sources.
  • Your answer should be a MINIMUM of 400 words.
  • Use your citations/references both WITHIN the essay and list your sources.

Homework Answer on Health Literacy in Health Education and Healthcare

Health literacy refers to individual, cognitive and social skills that help determine their ability of acquiring, processing, understanding and using the basic information in making appropriate decisions concerning their health. It is a concept that combines health information provision with streamlined healthcare setting to ensure an all round satisfactory service provision in the community (Zarcadoolas et al., 2006).

Health literacy promotes outcomes such as ameliorated knowledge, understanding of health determinants, change of attitude and motivation concerning health behavior as well as improved self efficacy in relation to definite tasks. Ideally, health literacy enhances efficiency of health education activities of promotion of health and prevention of diseases by modifying language in print material thus improve accessibility to readers.

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Also by developing culturally sensitive health related literacy materials, translating health print materials in the native language of eventual readers, employing multilingual personnel to communicate with different people in different languages and offering training about cultural sensitivity in interacting with people (Zarcadoolas et al., 2006). Through these developments, even small children can distinguish between items such as tubes of toothpaste and other creams or ointments, and an illiterate mother at home can be able to identify instructions on medicine packs and understand indications and counter indications (Jordan & Buchbinder, 2010).