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Homework Question on Globalization and Human Health

  • Foundation for this assignment Policy makers in countries around the world should pay special attention to globalization processes and policies in order to address some of the structural causes of chronic diseases worldwide, especially among groups with low socioeconomic status (WHO, 2013). Task for this assignment In a 3-page paper ….
  1. Describe how globalization has impacted human health in the United States.
  2. Describe a disparity in spending when it comes to health between the population to which you belong and the population you chose in Module 1.
  3. Compare and contrast “responsiveness” (quality of treatment and meeting the people’s needs) of health programs and services between these two populations.

Homework Answer on Globalization and Human Health

Impact of globalization on human health in the United States

Globalization refers to the increasing interconnection in the world due to massive exchange of trade and culture. Communication and transport in the huge global economy now can take as short as a day or hours making globalization impact the world positively towards development (Baines & Ursah, 2009).

While globalization has been associated with significant positive impacts such as global industrial growth and development, it has negative impacts, as well. In particular, human health is affected globally due to the perceived cognitive, temporal and spatial changes brought about by globalization (Cockerham & Cockerham, 2010). The United States, being an outstanding economy in the world, is profoundly affected in the public health sector whereby its population is characterized by wealth gaps that are impacted differently.

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Globalization spatial changes for instance have led to massive migrations into the U.S whereby most of the immigrants are from low-income and developing countries burdened by epidemics and pandemics such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS respectively. The immigrants pose a threat of carrying along the health hazards associated with them, and usually cause financial burdens in the United States’ health sector.